HP Performance Horses

Full Boarding and Training

Boarding and Training charges:

Full Board: $375.00 per horse (ask about a multiple horse discount)

*full board includes Grain/hay 2x daily up to 2 flakes and 2 scoops of grain (extra charge may apply for more hay/grain), free choice water, stalls cleaned daily and turnout

Partial Board: *Price varies depending on who provides what*.

Full Training $575.00 per horse (price only includes care of horse and riding, all vet, farrier, ect, fees are not included.)

Disciplines trained include, Western, English, trail riding, general horsemanship, mounted shooting, barrel racing and pole bending. We also help in problem type horses.  

One hr lesson with your horse $40.00  Half hr lesson with your horse $30.00

Haul-in $10/per horse

Layover horse care $12/per day per horse (all full board care is included)

Day assistance at horse show (horse in training) $40.00 per day

Banding $35.00   /   Braiding $45.00

Day assistance at horse show (horse not in training) $60.00 per day

Hauling $1.00 each mile* $25 hook up fee

*minimun charge $50.00, price subject to circumstances.

Retail sales comission- 10% of the gross sale.

Thank you for your business!

Holly Potteiger




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