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Quotes I?ve been to a few barns in the Columbus area, and this is by far the best. The horses are very well cared for, the stalls and barn are always clean, there?s ample room for tack and equipment, big pastures with a lot of regular turn-out, and Holly is an incredibly knowledgeable horsewoman as well as an excellent instructor and trainer. This is also the first barn I?ve ever been at for more than a few months without witnessing any of the typical ?barn drama?, which makes going to the barn so much more relaxing and enjoyable. The staff and borders are a great group of people. They all, especially Holly, go the extra mile to make sure the horses get taken care of, and she treats each horse as if it?s her own. I would recommend HP Performance horses to anyone. Quotes
Victoria Sheilds

Quotes Holly has been working with my 8yo paint mare(Pistol) for about six weeks now, I have noticed incredible improvement in Pistol's confidence and skill. She has gone from a spoiled very green horse to a fun and pleasant ride very quickly with Holly's help. I look forward to what Pistol can become with Holly helping me. I also board with her, all of the horses are sweet - very happy horses, and all of the people I have met there are so fun and have been extremly helpful to me. It is a very family like atmosphere. I love it here!. Quotes
Jordan Buck

Quotes I would never hesitate to send a horse to Holly. She is one of the kindest people I have ever talked to. She is honest and will be frank with you about her abilities and those of your horse. The industry needs more trainers like Holly. Quotes
LeRae Eckes
Horsepower Farms , Granton, WI.

Quotes I sent my three year old western pleasure gelding over for Holly to ride for 30 days. When I came out for a lesson just after two weeks of him being there, his jog was SO much softer and I was able to guide him around the arena with much better direction. At the end of the month he made so much progress! He was softer in the face and was really starting to move his hips and shoulders. His head set was much better and he was really learning how to move his body. Holly did a great job with him! She went above and beyond trying to accommodate my training requests and kept the communication open by updating me on his progress! The lessons were very helpful so I learned how to ride him effectively and consistently. Even after I brought my gelding home I felt confident knowing that with Holly's help and hard work, each ride we are going in the right direction! Quotes
Heather Standar

Quotes Holly is more than a great trainer, but also a great friend. I was very skeptical about sending my gelding to a trainer (as he was a rescue) and wanted to choose one that would not only train him but also train me. She has not only walked me through what she was teaching but also made sure i had understood what she was teaching by having me demonstrate what i just learned. She has tender hands and a love for her job. And she clearly takes a lot of pride in the pleasure she brings to horse and owner. The facility is always fun to hangout and meet new people, learn new things and everyone there is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hoof lol. Would recommend to anyone looking to build that connection with their horse and trainer. Quotes
Danielle Warner

Quotes I strongly recommend Holly Potter & HP Performance Horses. Holly has successfully built a business that combines professionalism, skill, caring and an environment of friendship and support. I had a 10 year absence from horses. She found me the ideal horse for my needs and seamlessly put us together--much quicker than I imagined. I love going to the stable! She has wonderful & friendly clients, a tremendous staff, a clean barn with a nice breeze floating through it, beautiful scenery, nice tack rooms/wash rack and wonderful indoor and outdoor (my favorite) arenas. The turnout paddocks are well managed and varied in size from individual to very large. Most importantly, Holly is a terrific communicator and teacher. She can work well with starters as well as seasoned competitors. She is sensitive to her client?s needs and truly cares about helping people and making sure their horses are healthy and happy. I?ve been in the industry for almost 20 years and this is by far the best. Quotes
Laurie Kuchler

Quotes I have had some project horses over the years and HP Performance Horses was there to assist when I hit a wall with any of them. The farm is peaceful and everyone in the barn is wonderful! Everyone gets together for cook outs and bonfires, trail rides and shows. When you need help with your horse all you got to do is ask! This place is a 10!! Quotes

Quotes My horse, Baybee was with Holly for about a year a few years back and I was very happy with my stay. The barn is clean,stalls are well maintained,horses are well taken care of and Holly is always available to answer questions as they arise. The barn is located on a nice quiet road that trail riders can enjoy and the views are beautiful! Quotes
Liz Meads
Satisfied Boarder